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DANC 494: Senior Choreography Projects 


This orientation will cover the fundamentals of this course, DANC 494: Senior Choreography Projects as well as, my expectations of you, and what you can expect from me. It is a separate document from the syllabus and the schedule. The syllabus I've provided is more detailed, and more formal - be sure to read it and submit the necessary information.

Content, Resources, Activities, and Participation

We will be using this platform for the course: 


Think of as your visually pleasing and inspiring community and resource hub. At this class page, Senior Choreography Projects Page you will find a table of contents with all of your resources together. As you navigate around the website, you will see that it is shared with students from other classes that I teach. Feel free to investigate anywhere, including other class reels, workout reels - as it's all available for you.



You are required to complete a weekly self-assessment form, an important part of this course. Each week, you will be required to fill out and submit this form. It will require approximately 15-30 minutes to complete. The questions will remain the same each week, but your answers will change as you progress. Self-assessment can provide both of us with insight into your true comprehension and can help to identify where growth is required. This approach promotes a shift toward student-centred learning in which you can define your own goals and the steps required to meet both of them. Self-assessment also can be extremely valuable in helping you develop self-reflection, critical thinking, judgment, and ultimately, you can learn how to be responsible for and proactive with your own learning. 

Advantages of Self-assessment 

- Encourages you to critically reflect their own learning progress and performance 

- Encourages you to be more responsible for their own learning 

- Helps you develop their judgmental skills

- There is no peer pressure when you evaluate yourself

- Helps you become autonomous learners

- Helps students be more aware of their weaknesses and strengths


You are required to participate in the class Forum. It is an important aspect of this online course. After each showing, you will be required to complete: 

  • One (1) substantive post of your work to the forum no later than Friday at 5pm after each showing. See syllabus for post context.

  • Feedback posts for each choreographer. These posts must be completed by Friday at midnight after each showing. 


Active and informed participation is a basic expectation for all students. To stay completely informed - read all posts by everyone. NOTE: If you have a question that is personal or private in nature, feel free to email me directly.


A question can be directed through three different sources, depending on its nature.

  1. Look in Messenger for "Student Choreographers". This will be the most immediate way to inform other choreographers and ask questions.

  2. Email ( Should you need to contact me for some other issue or problem not related to course material.  

  3. Student Choreographer Forum If you have a question or need clarification about anything course-related and feel others in the class may also benefit

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