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DANC 390: Special Projects - Dance Composition

Instructor: Cynthia DuFault




This course will explore composition, creative collaboration, lens-based art, and post-production media technology. By combining dance and media, students will be encouraged to embody various manipulations of movement through site, space, shape, time, and effort as well as experiment with multiple elements of technology gaining hands-on experience with camera usage and editing apps. 

The process will include generating subject material, investigating its possibilities, clarifying intention, and gaining understanding and confidence about creative work within a safe yet challenging environment. Creative practice, production, viewing films, and group discussions will facilitate the process. The course result will be the experience of peer critique exchange, collaboration, creative growth, really-world rehearsal to performance experience, and the completion of three media dance works. 


You will need:

  • access to a device that can film your movement, like a camera phone, GoPro, or digital camera; 

  • access to an editing app like iMovie;

  • a  YouTube  account.



  • To create three (2-3 minute) media dance works, using site-specific choreography and installations that will be video/audio captured and edited.

  • To demonstrate consistent growth and exploration of compositional tools, technical skills, and collaboration in order

    to express one’s ideas.

  • To serve roles both in front of and behind the camera.

  • To demonstrate the ability to accurately and thoughtfully self-assess and provide peer feedback.

  • To practice professionalism (self-responsibility, positive/inquisitive attitude, versatility, knowledge, and investigation of individual strengths and weaknesses).

  • To critically evaluate in writing movement ideas as well as self-assess personal development.

  • To preserve a grand appreciation of dance as an art form.



All written materials for this course are on this website. Go to the site menu above, click on Classes, and  then click on Beginning Ballet in the drop menu. This will take you to your class page , where you will find a list of  links. These links include the syllabus, the weekly self-assessment form, recorded Zoom classes, additional class and workout reels, etc.


You can contact me 5 WAYS: (1) school email,  (2) clicking on Contact in the site menu above, (3) clicking on the site 'chat bubble' in the lower right of the page, (4) sending a message in the contact section in the lower portion of the homepage, (5) make a Zoom appointment Here.


75% Production and product of three media dance works for First Friday opening in October, November, and December.

20% Posting works in progress and giving peer feedback on the class forum

  • The forum will take the place of "choreographic showings." This is where you post media works in-progress to receive feedback, ask questions, converse about process, media, or other related ideas and issues as well as comment on fellow students' progress and inquiries. Forum requirements include: 

    • posting one written post with your in-progress video 

    • responses to your fellow students.

    • Refer to the Elements of Dance Creating and Critiquing during the creative process and as you writing critiques about your peers work.


5%   Writing a reflective essay answering the following questions:

  • Explanation of the research, creative process, and gained knowledge that the projects served in terms of your growth as a choreographer. Include your procedure toward a sense of trajectory and embodied cohesion in your choreographic design.

  • Evaluate the feedback/critiques given to you both from your peers and course instructor

  • Summarize the outcome of the project, a rating of your overall practice, and how these results may affect future approaches to dance-making.



This syllabus is a guide for the course and is subject to change with advanced notice.

Almost Finished...


Click on the link below, fill out the form,

        and submit it by  the end of the first week.




Guidelines and Expectations Agreement

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