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Critique Essay 


For Written Essays

What's the purpose of a checklist?

A checklist is used to make sure that none of the items that you have included during the critique essay planning and process are forgotten or left without action. It serves as a reminder of what needs to be done and assurance of what has been done once the items are checked off the list.

The following is a list of questions that can be useful for your final REVISION PROCESS.  

NOTE: Choosing to work with a tutor at the campus Writer’s Block is highly recommended. Use this checklist and the Rubric Table while working with your tutor. 


If turning in a written essay, did you use the MLA format guidelines to make sure that there are no errors with margins, line spacing, indenting, header, page number, and title? 

Does your critique essay (written or video) begin with a thesis, giving event information such as:


  • event name and date: example, "Faculty Dance Concert"

  • place: SUNY Potsdam, PAC Dance Theatre, Proscenium Theatre.

  • who is presenting: (ex: student choreographer media dance series, student concert, senior concert, a faculty concert, or a professional company)  


Does your critique essay have an interesting, catchy introduction that will draw in the reader? 


Does your critique essay discuss five different dance works? 


Does your critique essay include for each of the dance works 6 or more paragraphs or points:


  • thesis: include the title, choreographer, composer, and any soloists who may stand out in the dance work and an interesting/catchy introduction that will draw in the reader;

  • description: defines a clear idea of the dance work, visually;

  • analysis: compares/contrasts dance works, discusses relative historical facts associated with certain dance works, and/or examines the dance works from a theoretical sense;

  • interpretations: describes the intention of the work, including any literal or nonliteral effects;

  • evaluation: supported by thorough explanations;

  • conclusion: summarizes the work as a whole.  

Did you include a Works Cited? Did you use the MLA format guidelines, and are there no errors in formatting? 

Does your Works Cited page have four (4) or more sources, and no errors in formatting? 

Does your critique essay include eight (8) or more effective quotes, and no errors in formatting? 

Is your critique essay free from spelling or grammar errors?  

  • Are there any other typing/grammatical errors? Note: Spell check does not catch all errors (e.g. using there instead of their)?

  • Is punctuation used appropriately?

  • Is there variety in the texture of the sentences (length, complexity, type of punctuation, syntax)? 

  • Did you choose your words wisely? A Thesaurus is a good tool, but triple-check that the word you choose is your intention.  

Does your critique essay have a trajectory (a path) with intention and cohesion?  

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