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Dance Critique Essay


Instructor: Cynthia DuFault




A critique essay of the concert dance videos below will cover the dance academic component of this course. College essays are requirements for obtaining college degrees, and they prepare students for future writing and research work. 


  • Research: Take the time to reflect on the work. Interview the choreographers if you have questions, and to enforce and strengthen your point of view, investigate books, journals, websites, etc. Students performing in the concert can include their experiences as a participant as well as what they observed.

  • Writing the Essay: Included in the essay will be elements of description, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation. All specific requirements for the essay format can be accessed in the links at the bottom of this page. Be sure to review all guidelines, including rubric, checklist, and other writing format material.


  • Essay Format: MLA (see tutorial link at the bottom of this page)

  • Works Cited: four (4) or more sources should be included and cited with a minimum of eight (8) quotes. Follow the MLA format for writing the Works Cited page.

  • Due: The last day of class by midnight. Late essays will not be accepted.

  • Delivery:  Upload a PDF of your essay to the forum page Here

  • Grading: The essay counts will count as 3% of the overall course grade. See the rubric in the link at the bottom of this page for specific details.



  • KNOW the format within critique writing: thesis, description, analysis, interpretation, evaluation, and conclusion.

  • UNDERSTAND the logic, structure, and flow of your critique essay.

  • IDENTIFY the qualities that make your critique essay effective.

  • STREAMLINE your writing process to achieve a better paper.

  • USE the suggested sites to create the correct MLA format and citations.

  • MASTER clear and concise writing (utilizing the Writer’s Block for any necessary tutoring).


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