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A critique essay (written only or with a video alternative) of the Fall 2020 Student Choreographer Media Dance Works Series is required to fulfill the dance academic component of this course. College essays are requirements towards obtaining college degrees, and it prepares students for future writing and research work. With this year's new video essay alternative, this gives students the option to work technologically. This essay should be taken seriously if students hope to be successful, not only in their academic endeavors but in their anticipated work field, as well. 



         Subject                       Critiquing the Fall 2020 Student Choreographer Media Dance Works Series. There are nine                                                      choreographers who will each post a series of three (2-3 minute) media dance works. Each                                                        choreographer will decide if the three works are separate, individual works or if they join                                                            together to make one work with three sections. The first series will be posted to the above link                                                  on October 2nd, the second series on November 6th, and the third series on December 4th.

         Research                    Take the time to watch and reflect on FIVE (5) works from the link above. Interview the                                                                choreographers in the  Student Choreographer Forum to enforce and strengthen your point of                                                view (these interview posts will 'not' count toward your required weekly class forum posts).                                                        further research will include investigating books, journals, and websites about movement                                                          quality, genre, intention of the work, media dance in general, etc. 

        Written Essay              To provide clarity, review all guidelines, including the Critique Essay Format, Check List,  

                                             Critique Essay RubricElements of Dance and Critiquing, and other material below. 

        Writing Format           MLA MLA Format Guidelines  and MLA Writing Tutorial.

        Video Essay                This is an (alternate) option for completing the dance academic component of this course. If you         (recommended           enjoy working with video and editing, you will enjoy this option. The essay will come in the form           alternative)                of a video/media presentation. It will still involve the same research and scripting but will come                                                in the format of media rather than a written essay. There is more room for creativity and                                                              versatility with this option, and it can easily be posted for viewing upon completion. Sample                                                      'video essays' can be found through your everyday YouTubers, like "MovieFlame." This channel                                                has several videos to sample. The one I recommend is: History of Panem: Origin Story (Hunger                                                Games Explained)  To provide clarity for format, review all guidelines, including the

                                             Critique Essay FormatCheck List, Critique Essay Rubric

                                             Elements of Dance and Critiquing, and other material below. 

        Works Cited                Four (4) or more sources should be included and cited with a minimum of eight (8) quotes. 

                                             Follow the MLA Format Guidelines for writing the Works Cited (or) if you are doing the video                                                    essay, place  Reference Credits (like Works Cited) at the end of your video using the MLA                                                          format.     


       Due Date/Submit        Upload your (Word Doc) or (OneDrive video link) to the Moodle folder entitled “Critique Essay”                                              during week 15, by Friday,1pm. Entitle your file/link “Written (or) Video Critique Essay.”

        Grading                       As the syllabus indicates, the critique essay is 15% of the course grade. Review the

                                             Critique Essay Rubric, and Check List before submitting essay to assure you have fulfilled all                                                      criteria.



  • KNOW the format within critique writing: thesis, description, analysis, interpretation, evaluation, conclusion.  

  • USE the suggested sites and resources to achieve a strong result.

  • IDENTIFY the qualities that make your critique essay effective. 

  • STREAMLINE your process to accomplish your goals with a clarity and precision. 

  • UNDERSTAND the logic, structure, and flow of your critique essay.

  • MASTER a clear and concise approach with intention and coheision.



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