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Spice Up Dancing at Home & Outdoors

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

So, you're really motivated to become a better dancer… BUT classes are not being offered for the rest of the semester...Ugh, buzzkill. It’s not always possible to take a dance classes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dance! You can get better at dancing anywhere, anytime… including your own bedroom. Here are 4 ways to keep dancing at home!

1.) Click on your enrolled class(s) to begin.

Ever take a class that was soooo good? Well, that experience doesn’t have to end! You can keep practicing movement and the vocabulary on your own time.

2.) Stretch-n-strengthening = strong-n-happy!

As dancers, our bodies are our most important tools. It’s crucial to keep it healthy, strong, and flexible. Even if you’re not actively dancing here in Potsdam, you can still become a stronger dancer by stretching and strengthening your body. Identify a few body parts that you’d like to condition.

For instance, Do your arms feel floppy when you dance? Are you having problems with balance? Do you want to turn better, kick higher, or jump further? Targeting key areas will make you more confident and better able to execute the way that you envision yourself doing. When you have a better understanding of your body, your dancing improves.

Unsure of where to start? Your "core" is a great area to start training – a stronger core will mean better balance, control, and strength. Doing crunches, planks, and other abdominal exercises are easy ways to become a better dancer at home, but the best way is doing my 40-minute floor warm-up.

Try It Out:

- Everyday Abs!!! - 3.5m Abdominal toning workout, Monday thru Saturday

- Everyday "Extreme" -15m isolated muscle-group workout, Monday thru Saturday

3.) Go full out!

Got your class(s) movement and vocabulary more ingrained into your muscle memory? Cool! Now, go venture out and discover more ways of dancing. Remember, whatever style you want to start learning or become better in, the key is all the same – repetition, repetition, repetition. Click on any of my extra classes including the floor warm-up, ballet barre warm-up, or movement combinations. They are all my gift to you!

4.) Bonus points y'all!

This is equal to extra credit, and I know how much you "love" extra credit. Here are some ideas on how to snag these points.

- Learn any of the movement combinations, video yourself dancing it, and send it to me.

- Choreograph your own movement combination, video yourself dancing it, and send it to me.

Try It Out

Everyday "Extreme" - 15min. Isolated muscle-group workout, Monday thru Saturday

Everyday Abs!!! - 3.5min. abdominal toner workout, Monday thru Saturday

5.) Got ideas on how to keep dancing at home!

Share on our forum page any creative ideas that you have found to keep

dancing at home, which could also be in a park, on the street, on the roof, and even in a 2'X2' space. This includes sharing any great dance and health resources that you found online. Yes, you will receive bonus points for this, too.

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