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Studio Safety Guidelines

  1. Masks are required.

  2. Everyone in the class must be accounted for. Attendance will be taken each class for health/tracking purposes.

  3. Gather in the lobby of the Performing Arts Center before class, where attendance and health app reading is shown to the professor. If your health app reads red, you will not be permitted into the class. A recording of the class is always provided.

  4. Wash hands for 20 seconds before and after classes! Use hand sanitizer before and after classes – provided in the studio hallways! 

  5. Enter and exit studios six feet apart.

  6. No bare feet in the studios. Dance shoes are required, and street shoes must be left in the hallway.

  7. Keep all of your personal items together and away from others (six feet apart).

  8. Physical distancing of (10 feet apart) is required in the studios and is guided by the professor. 

  9. Locker rooms are not available for use.  Dress for movement before you come to the PAC. You can use the lower level PAC Lobby restrooms - one person in the restroom at a time.

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