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Book Your Rehearsals Here!

This page has everything you need to book your weekly rehearsals.

For troubleshooting with booking a studio space, contact:

Tom Grabowski

PAC Facilities Manager, Theatre and Dance 


Rehearsal Space Reservations Procedures and Policies

Tom Gabowski, will be overseeing what happens in the studios. Failure to adhere to the policies will end a rehearsal and your ability to reserve in the future.


  1. Only rehearsals connected with “academic classes” will be booked.

  2. Masks are required!!!!

  3. Street shoes must be left in the hallway.

  4. Keep all of your personal items together and away from others.

  5. Time limit for rehearsals is 2 hours max. Each choreographer will have up to two (2) slots per week, max. 

  6. Physical distancing of (6 feet apart) is required and guided by leaders of the rehearsal.  

NOTE: Policies may change as conditions warrant.  


Next Steps:


  1. Go to the EMS link below and book your weekly rehearsals ek) or contact Tom for assistance:



More information about safety facts and policies related to SUNY Potsdam:

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